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Town Race board game

Town racing board game, Free download
Town racing board game, Free download

Play this fun racing game and practice speaking English, as you move round the board, answering past tense, missing word and general knowledge questions.

Rules for Town Race game
Rules for Town Race game
Sport board game, Free download
Sport board game, Free download

Sport Q & A board game

Students who like sport will enjoy this game. It's quite simple to play, all you have to do is match the answers to the questions. Learn about sport and practice English as you play.

Doors quiz game PPT, free downloadDoors quiz game PPT, free download

Doors Quiz Game

A different way to ask questions. Open the doors and see what questions lay behind them - spelling, grammar and general knowledge.

Audio - Listening practice

Going running - with Geof and Itzel


  1. Where is Itzel going?

  2. What is she going to do?

  3. How often does she do this?

  4. What does Geof like to do?

  5. What does he invite Itzel to do?

  6. What's her phone number?

Eating biscuits - with Geof and Chris


  1. What does Geof want to eat?

  2. When did Chris go shopping?

  3. What did he buy?

  4. Where did he put them?

  5. What type of biscuit were they?

  6. What else did Chris eat?

  7. Who came round to the house (came to visit)?

  8. What did Chris suggest Geof eat with his tea?

Looking for lost key - with Geof and Itzel


  1. What has Geof lost?

  2. How did he lose the key?

  3. Why was Geof running?

  4. What is Itzel doing at the moment?

  5. What would he like to buy Itzel?

  6. Where is the Starbucks?

Information about downloading these board games. Simply right click and 'Save as' or 'Download.' There is no charge for you to download these board games. However, you will have to pay for them to be printed at a printers of your choice. There are several ways to print board games.

1) Printed onto 3mm heavy card or 3mm dense foam board (Foamex)

2) Flexible PVC

3) Vinyl sheet - attach or stick to magnetic white board

There are two sizes (A1) 84.1 x 59.4cm & (A2) 59.4 x 42cm

Cards are printed onto A4 card - landscape

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