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I am

'I am' PPT learning English free download

Colour blue

Colour Blue PPT, learning English, free download

Colour red

Colour red PPT, learning English, free download

Colour green

Colour green

Colour orange

Colour orange PPT, learn English, free download

Colour purple

Colour purple PPT, learning English, free download
Colour brown PPT free download

Colour yellow

Colour brown

Colour yellow PPT free download

Colour black

Colour black PPT learn English free download

Clothes - I am/not wearing

Clothes, I am wearing, I am not wearing PPT, free download

Cars - This is a .....

Cars PPT for children learning English, free download

Animals - What's this?

Animals powerpoint presentation, learning English, free download
50 things you will find around the home PPt

50 things

Learn 50 things you will find around the home and see if you can be right or wrong.

Word games/activities

Team Quiz

An easy fun quiz to test young learners of the words they have learnt. Students choose if they want to answer a question about words, food, animals or school, then can choose questions 1 - 10. Class can be divided into two teams and so more competition takes place. Teacher or nominated student should keep track of what questions have been answered, as they should not be answered twice.

I spy with my little eye

This is a simple word game and can be used by teachers to fill in some time or when their students are feeling a little tired. It's a fun and easy game to play. Obviously, students can spy something in the classroom but as this is limited, I created a montage of pictures for the students to spy, and these are all words the students had been learning. The one who guesses correctly gets a chance to say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ..."

Beetle word game

Draw a large beetle on the board with six stick legs and two antennae. Then, depending on what words you want your students to focus on, write the topic in the beetle’s body. For example, if it’s nature, write the word ‘nature’ in the body of the beetle and then ask them to name eight things relating to nature and as they do, write one at the end of every beetle leg and one at the end of each of the beetle’s antennae. If you want them to think of transport, write the word ‘transport’ in the beetle’s body and do the same. You can also ask the students to draw a beetle and write as many words as they can think of, maximum eight, around the beetle, without you first writing them on the board.

Board Games

Snakes & Ladders board game free download

Students will have fun playing snakes & ladders and practicing the words they have already learnt.

Nature snakes & ladders board game free download

It's important to learn about nature. Let your students practice the nature words they have learnt playing this colourful snakes and ladders game.

Animal World memory game

This is a fun memory/learning game for all ages. Learn not only the names of animals but also their habitat and if they are endangered.

Animal World memory game free download

Download the animal cards, group and Explorer cards to play this game - More animal cards are available upon request. Print on A4 card (landscape)

Puppet Theatre

Using puppets is a great way to get the young students to speak some simple dialogue and have fun. Sock puppets are fun to make and the students can be shown how to make them, although it does take a little time. There are quite a few videos on YouTube showing how to make sock puppets. Alternatively, figures can be printed or drawn on card, cut out and stuck on sticks. A theatre can be made out of cardboard, covered in coloured paper and decorated with stickers.

Sock puppet theatre

Games evening - children and parents


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