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Greetings and replies

Greetings and replies

It's always important to know how to greet someone and also how to reply

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What's your name?


'What' is used at the start of so many conversations. This PPt includes 'What is it?' 'What is the time?' & 'What time is the ....?'

What time is the ....?

Listen to the audio

I am - PowerPoint

I am (to be)

This is a good place to start learning English grammar - 'I am.' This Ppt helps the student to understand the verb 'to be' - 'I am, you are, we are, they are, he/she/it is, name is.' Also, in the negative form.

What are you doing? Ppt.

What are you doing?

This Ppt looks at actions - 'What are doing?' 'I am shopping, I am drinking, I am reading, I am cooking' etc.

What are you doing?

Questions and replies

What do you want to drink?

What would you like to drink?
Coffee shop PPT

Coffee shop

What would you like?

Breakfast - I would like


What would you like for breakfast?

Breakfast - What would you like? Ppt

Food and snacks

British cafe food and snacks

Cafe food PowerPoint, learning English free download

Ways to cook food

Ways to cook food - Free Ppt download
Clothes and shopping PowerPoint free download

Clothes and shopping

Learn about clothes, sizes and styles

Clothes design Powerpoint, learning English
snakes & ladders board game, free download

Escalators & Elevators

Relax and have fun playing a grown-up version of snakes and ladders. Consolidate the words learnt about shopping and food.

Go up the escalators and come down the elevators (lifts).

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